How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Car Serviced?

The real question should be: How much will it cost you not to have your car serviced regularly. Just take a moment to consider that question.

Was it really worth saving that hundred quid when now, six months later, the problem has worsened to such a degree that a hundred quid won’t even cover the cost of the parts?

Clonroche Pit Stop Auto Service Rates

Our rates are pretty straightforward.

  • Our hourly labour rate is €35 plus VAT.
  • A regular ole service will set you back just €70 plus VAT.
  • Custom jobs fall outside the range of standard mechanic services and are charged on a per-job basis (get in touch about a custom auto job).

Custom or standard, no works are carried out without a prior agreement, as is our policy, so there are no hidden costs. Ever.

Regular Maintenance is a Preventative Measure

As an old-school mechanic I see all sorts of issues, and to be honest, some of them are preventable. It is rare that a car or a van just suddenly stops; there is always a reason.

Often times, that reason is due to another reason, but one which wasn’t reason enough to justify a trip to the repair shop at the time, and that reason was due to yet another, earlier reason.

And on it goes.

I could write forever on the reasons or non-reasons behind all that goes on inside a car’s engine but hey, what can I say. Repairing cars is my bread and butter. It’s also something of a passion, so I really don’t mind if folks neglect their cars from time to time!

Regular Auto Maintenance Means Not-So-Regular Pain

So remember: a regular service to your car or van will prevent future pain, time, money and stress. Allow us to take away your future vehicle-related pain by booking your car or van in for a service, sooner rather than later!