Automotive Services at Clonroche Pit Stop

Our day-to-day auto repair tasks usually fall into one of the service areas listed below. From time to time we carry out custom jobs on vehicles (we’re classic and vintage enthusiasts), but the most commonly-required automotive services are standard maintenance jobs.

Here is an overview of how we can help you to continue being safe on the road:

  1. Standard service: brakes, motor oil (level and purity), oil and fuel filters (replacement if required), general performance check, maintenance check using diagnostics tool (if requested) and any issues that you bring to light.
  2. Full Diagnostics: using the latest software (and hardware), we will hook your vehicle up to our diagnostic tool, run a test and discover any electronic faults in your car or van.
  3. Manual Diagnostics: we manually will check for issues that the diagnostic tool is not equipped to deal with.
  4. Vehicle repairs (cars and vans): using the latest tools and equipment, we can carry out all standard repairs (which are too many to list here). If there’s something we are not equipped for, we will let you know immediately.
  5. Full Tyre Service: we supply, fit and balance new tyres using state-of-the-art equipment.
  6. Full Air Conditioning Service: not to be taken lightly; your air conditioning system needs to be checked at least once a year.
  7. Pre-NCT Check & Prep: If you have an NCT coming up, drop in and we can give your car a once over. We will check it for faults and prepare it for the test.
  8. Post-NCT Service: if you only manage to meet us after your car has failed its NCT, we can ensure that you pass the re-test.
  9. CVT (formerly DOE) Pre-Check and Service: with slightly different guidelines for commercial vehicles, we are equipped to deal with CVT preparation and servicing.

Our custom services include vehicle sales, consulting services, repair of classic and vintage cars, and specialist custom jobs (please contact us for specifics).

Using the latest equipment, we will test your car or van – if there’s a fault, we’ll find it!

Reminder: Get Your Air Conditioning Sorted Before Summer

Did you know that air conditioning systems require regular maintenance? A failing air conditioning system can lead to other problems with your auto mechanics. A performance check is necessary, ideally once a year, to ensure that the system functions optimally.

If your car or van is equipped with an air conditioning system, it may be time to think about having it checked, especially if you notice a loss in performance.

Contact us about booking your car or van in for a performance check on your air conditioning service.